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Taylor-Wharton HC35 Cryogenic Refrigerator

Taylor-Wharton HC35 Cryogenic Refrigerator


  • 130 days holding time
  • 81 days working time
  • 35L LN2 capacity
SKU: 232-037. Category: .


  • Rugged construction, ribbed high strength aluminum body, magniformed neck tube design and durable paint system
  • Large storage capacity
  • Versatile storage system – convenient canister index locating ring and tapered internal spider
  • Samples (1.2 or 2.0 vials) are held on canes stored in canisters. Straws can be stored in goblets in canisters
  • For sample protection Cryo-Sentry low liquid level alarms are available for use
  • All units are supplied complete with canisters and neck tube core
  • Roller bases are available for all models
  • Superior vacuum performance with super insulation provides manximum holding times
  • Three year warranty on vacuum
  • Designed for storage of samples in vials or straws

Static Holding Time (days)(*1) 130
Working Time (days)(*2) 81
Evaporation Rate (Liters/day)(*1) 0.27
LN2 Capacity (Liters) 35
Weight Empty (kg) 17.7
Weight Full (kg) 46.0
Neck Diameter (mm) 119
Overall Height (mm) 681
Overall Diameter (mm) 478
Number of canisters 10
Canister Dimensions (mm) 67×279
Vial Capacity(*3) 1020
Cat. No. 232-037
Spares and Accesories
Replacement Neck Tube Core 238-078
Replacement Canisters 127 mm N/A
Replacements Canisters 278 mm 238-080
Cryo-Sentry Low Level Alarm 238-065
Roller Base 238-067
1. Normal evaporation rate and static holding time are nominal. Actual rate may be affected by the nature of the contents, atmospheric conditions, container history and manufacturing tolerances.

2. Working time is an arbitrary, reference only value to estimate container performance under the actual operating conditions. Actual working time may vary widely depending on individual use patterns.

3. Capacity based on 1.2 or 2.0ml plastic vials, 12.5mm diameter (internal thread), on canes, 6 vials per cane, no cryosleeve.

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